This page describes that information we collect, and how we use that information.

Website Usage

When you visit our website, we use Google Analytics to collect information on which pages people visit more often. We do not serve ads, nor do we report usage to any ad-agencies. We use the analytics information simply to improve the parts of the website that are used most often.

Game Statistics

Our games are primarily educational in nature, and some of the players are under the age of majority. The game statistics that we collected only comprise non-personal information. When playing, the game may send usage statistics to our game server. This information records how often you play, how long you play each level and what score you achieve. We use this information to determine if game levels are too hard, too easy, broken or just plain boring.

Research Statistics

Some of our game development is funded by the National Science Foundation in the USA. If you are playing one of our research games, you will first be asked to sign a consent form. We collect game statistics above and also information that helps us understand what players learn through playing the game. This includes non-personal answers to in-game surveys about concepts covered during the game. We use this information to determine if game levels are are achieving their learning goals. This information is kept confidential, and described on the consent form.

Email Subscription

If you sign up for our new subscription, then we'll use your email to send you notices about new products or improvements to existing products. If you want to remove your name from the email list, just send us an email with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line. We do not and will not give or sell your email contact information.

Securing Information

The non-personal information game statistic information is stored on secure public servers which use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to transmit and receive that information. Personal information, such as consent forms, are not stored on public servers. The data are stored on internal servers at Xemory in encrypted form.