Xemo Trial


First Step

To start a trial of Xemo in your class, please send us an email with the information below. We'll get back in touch with you, typically the same day.

Send your info to robots@xemory.com

Our educational game runs on PCs and Macs. Please discuss the computer requirements with your I.T. staff.

We can offer you support before and during your class time through an on-line video conference. Our team is happy to answer any questions you or your students might have about playing Xemo.


Here are the steps in running a successful trial of Xemo in your classroom:

  1. Send us the Trial information and we'll respond quickly.
  2. Download the latest Xemo Alpha version.
  3. Try the game out on one of your classroom computers.
  4. Ask your I.T. person to read through the short I.T. page.
  5. Read through the Activities page.
  6. Schedule a time for your class to try the game. We'll be available to help you.